The Team

MIBAAA is the representative organisation for the processing of IBA, representing firms who together process over 2.5 million tonnes each year.

David York
David York Chairman

David York, Chairman

David is Chairman of Blue Phoenix and MIBAAA

David has forty years’ experience of civil engineering contracting, specifically in heavy-duty pavement construction in the UK and overseas. His interest in IBA Processing started in the mid-nineties and lead to the formation of Blue Phoenix (formerly Ballast Phoenix Ltd) in 1996.

Since then, besides developing the company, David has made sure to be involved in any forum where the regulatory or aggregate specification landscape could impact IBA Aggregate, so the business could be promoted/protected.
Lee Thompson
Lee Thompson Treasurer

Lee Thompson, Treasurer

Lee is Business Development Director for the Raymond Brown Group of Companies, including Fortis IBA Ltd. Lee is also a Director and Treasurer of MIBAAA.

Lee has over 33 years’ operational, technical and commercial experience in all disciplines of quarrying and mineral processing. He began his IBA journey in early 2008 and has played an integral part in expanding the Fortis IBA business to include four IBA processing facilities that process almost half a million tonnes of IBA each year.

Lee is widely involved within the IBA processing and waste industries and works alongside MIBAAA members when engaging with the UK`s regulatory bodies.

Adam Day
Adam Day Secretary

Adam Day, Secretary

Adam is Director at Day Aggregates and Secretary of MIBAAA

Adam has worked in the aggregates business since leaving school. Having first gained experience outside of his family business, he returned to develop the company's construction and demolition waste recycling activities which now include four fixed processing plants producing over 1m tonnes per year.

Adam started to be involved in the recycling of aggregates from incinerator bottom ash and the business now has three processing facilities in the South of England.

Adam's involvement in the wider aggregates business includes being chairman of the Mineral Products Associations Aggregate Committee which brings together industries expertise in technical standards and specifications for primary, manufactured and recycled aggregates.
John Barritt
John Barritt External Advisor

John Barritt, External Advisor

John is Director of John Barritt Consulting Ltd and an External Advisor for MIBAAA

John is Director of John Barritt Consulting Ltd which provides information and guidance services on recycled aggregates and related issues to aggregate producers, construction companies and environmental regulators. He has over 50 years’ experience in the construction materials industry, covering ready mix concrete, asphalt, quarrying, marine aggregates, slag and recycling.

From 2002, he has focused on improving resource efficiency in construction and reducing waste to landfill as well as assisting the Environment Agency and other UK Environment Regulators in developing and promoting ‘end of waste’ Quality Protocols for aggregates from a range of recycled and secondary resources.
Leslie Heasman
Leslie Heasman External Advisor

Leslie Heasman, External Advisor

Leslie is the Managing Director and a Principal Consultant of MJCA Limited. She is an External Advisor for MIBAAA.

Leslie is an environmental chemist who has worked in waste management for more than 30 years. She graduated with a B.Sc. in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh and went on to work at AERE Harwell researching the fundamental behaviour of wastes, the results of which fed into key government guidance documents. Since 1986 she has been providing technical advice on environmental issues with MJCA where she is now the Managing Director and Principal Environmental Chemist.

Leslie has wide experience in waste management, mineral extraction, contaminated land and general environmental management. She is a Chartered Chemist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, a Chartered Resource and Waste Manager and a Chartered Environmentalist. She is very involved in the development of principles for the determination of the end of waste for suitable waste types, including IBAA, whereby the benefits of the circular economy can begin to be realised whilst maintaining the appropriate level of environmental protection.
Brian Bone
Brian Bone External Advisor

Dr Brian Bone, External Advisor

Brian is Director of Bone Environmental Consultant Ltd and is an External Advisor for MIBAAA

Brian has over 30 years’ experience as a geologist working on waste and contaminated land risk assessment and management as a regulator and independent consultant. Brian's interest in IBAA, and other secondary aggregates, grew during the late 2000s through the Environment Agency's Quality Protocols project. As an independent consultant he has supported MIBAAA in development of protocols for the use of IBAA in construction, with emphasis on risks to groundwater and surface water.

Since 2011, Brian has supported the Mineral Products Association in the UK and Europe as technical expert on release of dangerous substances from aggregates.