MIBAAA represents the processors of over 2.5m tonnes of IBA each year which would otherwise have gone to landfill, and instead has been processed into over 2.25m tonnes of IBA Aggregate for use within the construction industry as a sustainable aggregate rather than primary resources.


We recycle over 2.5 million tonnes of ash each year, which would otherwise have gone to landfill.  This forms an integral part of the circular economy by recycling waste which would otherwise have gone to landfill, MIBAAA are helping to maintain supplies of quality minerals for the growing economy and construction industry.

MIBAAA raises standards across the sector and ensures that operations are in strict conformity with the requirements of the Code of Practice.

Acronyms and Links

  • IBA – Incinerator Bottom Ash
  • IBA Aggregate – Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate
  • IBAA – UK term used for Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate
  • MIBAAA – Manufacturers of Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregates Association
  • MIBA – Municipal Incinerator Bottom Ash is the term for the waste source used in British/European aggregate standards
  • CoP – Industry Code of Practice developed by MIBAAA members in liaison with the Environment Agency and EfW operators
  • EfW – Energy from Waste
  • MPAMineral Products Association
  • ESAEnvironmental Services Association